What is the brand name of our products?
The brand name under which our products are sold is “Beyondaire”, owned and operated by “Dong Valley Creations Private Limited”.

Who is eligible to access the website?
Individuals who are 18 years of age and above are fully capable of entering into a contract.

What is the benefit of opening an account in our website?
For ease and convenience of ordering your products through our website, you have the option to create a user account on our website. By creating an Account on our Website, you agree to subscribe to newsletters, marketing or promotional materials and other information that we may send.

When do you know that your order of products is complete?
You will receive an Acknowledgement Email upon placing an order via our Website. Your contractual offer is deemed to be accepted by us only upon receiving the payment of the products ordered and the confirmation mail of dispatch of such products.

What are the modes of Payment?
All payments are to be made by either through Net-banking, credit cards or debit cards or e-Wallets. We do not capture or store any card information on our servers. All online transactions made with us are completely secure and safe.

Can I pay cash on delivery?
Cash on Delivery is accepted for orders within India. Cash on Delivery is offered for orders with an invoice value of upto Rs. 2000 only. In case of Cash on delivery additional charge of INR 25 will be applicable for all orders upto INR 499 and additional charge of INR 50 will be applicable for all orders beyond INR 499.

How long do we take to process orders?
The products ordered and purchased are generally dispatched within 48 hours of the order being received.

What is the time period for delivery of the ordered products?
5 to 8 business days from the receipt of your order depending upon the address for delivery where the products are to be delivered within India. We do not guarantee the exact time of delivery as those are dependent on various factors including third party courier agency or logistics companies. Delivery of products consignment ordered and purchased from outside India would depend on the third-party courier agencies and logistics companies.

Under what circumstances do we cancel and make refund of products purchased, ordered and delivered?
Products returned by you because of a manufacturing defect or which is unfit for use or consumption at the time of delivery are entitled for refund.

Whom do you contact for refund and within what period?
If you receive products which you claim are incorrect or defective then you should contact us by email at within 24 hours of delivery of the products to report these claims and arrange a return and refund. Proofs with images/photographs should be shared immediately for any refund request.

What if you want to cancel your order?
Once you place your order, the cancellation will only be initiated if we receive a request on email at from you within 12 hours of placing the order or before your order has been dispatched but without a refund. Orders for which the price of the products are being paid at the time of making the order are not eligible for cancellation or refund. Instead, we keep your payment for a future order of the same value.

What do you do if you do not get the refund amount?
If the refunded amount is not received or credited, you are requested to inform us immediately after expiry of the stipulated period through email at If the payment has been made by you through Credit Card then contact your credit card company immediately.

Can products purchased on sale or discount be exchanged?
If any products are purchased by you on Sale or discount, you shall not be entitled to any exchange or refund. Exchange of products ordered or purchased is acceptable only for products returned due to manufacturing defect or which is unfit for use or consumption at the time of delivery.

Do we charge Shipping and Handling Rates?
Shipping and handling rates and charges are informed to you at the time you place the order and before your confirmation of the order. For all the orders above INR 499, we shall deliver your order to your address free of cost. However, Rs. 50/- would be charged for all orders upto INR 499 or below. In case of Cash on delivery additional charge of INR 25 will be applicable for all orders upto INR 499 and additional charge of INR 50 will be applicable for all orders beyond INR 499. Octroi charges and other such entry tax, and import duty for delivery outside India, if any, would be collected from the consignee where applicable.

Do we ship and deliver outside India?
We do not offer worldwide international shipping of our products as of now.

How do you track your dispatched and shipping consignment?
An e-mail with complete shipping details of the order along with airway bill of the courier service will be sent once the order is shipped.

What are the products we market and sell?
We market and sell products sourced and curated from extremes of North East India and we deal in Tea, Herbs and spices.

Where are the teas, herbs and spices from?
We source the finest teas, herbs and spices from extremes of North East India, and craft them into unique blends.

Are our products organic?
Our products are from forests or are naturally grown. While we don’t have organic certification, but since these are grown on slopes, in farthest part of North East India, they are close to natural.

Are the flavours of your products natural?
Our products are made with 100% natural ingredients. We do not use any artificial flavours or preservatives.