North East India is home to some of the most biodiverse forests, fertile lands, and the most celebrated teas in the world. This is also home to happy smiling people who are the custodians of centuries-old traditional knowledge.

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Beyond the tea gardens lie the wild, untamed forests. Within them are native trees of tea, Towering thirty feet tall, sturdy giants growing in the wild. From here, we pluck the wildest and largest tea leaves we can find. That is the essence of Beyondarie.

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We take our processing and packaging very seriously, you will find no broken bits and bobs but whole tea leaves that deliver a uniquely wild and fresh taste, every time. Our small scale units help generate employment in these wild and remote areas.

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Choose from classic wild teas like Oolong white, and smoked teas, or from our premium blends and herbals. We use only the best and freshest organic ingredients like Lakadong turmeric, litsea, cinnamon, hibiscus, Karbi ginger, and the famed Bhoot Jolokia for one of a kind tea blends with numerous health benefits

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The Making of Wild Tea