Untamed Herbal Latte

Karbi Ginger Herbal Latte

with Lakadong Turmeric, Black Pepper and Wild Cinnamon

₹399(100 g)

This untamed herbal latte has to be your go-to cup after a sensory overload. The life purpose of Karbi Ginger is to settle a restless stomach. Now add to this the earthy and musky flavour of the famous Lakadong Turmeric and round off the power trio with Black Pepper (with its ability to unlock the Turmeric's true power) and you have perhaps the most potent gut pacifier in the world. Oh yes, and if that was not enough, there’s also the woody Wild Cinnamon to make things more tantalising. Find a moment to still yourself with this aromatic brew as it glides down your throat and soothes your gut. It is the best feeling in the world. 


Each little flavour in your tea has been picked from within the deep forest. Only about 50 people know the secrets of the trees that grow amidst the mountains in the North East. So while you sip your tea, know that to get it to you, we have gone beyond the gardens, and plucked a piece of purity for you.
From Assam, we source Karbi Ginger, a unique variety that is so exclusive, it is GI tagged. So we can't have imposters pretending to be from Karbi.
The aromatic Cinnamon hits the senses first, with the gold Turmeric coming in next. The brew finishes with the peppery touch of Ginger and Black Pepper.

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