Blended Wild Tea

Wild Black Tea with Wild Litsea

₹599(100 g)

It’s like the moment when the deep, sonorous drums give way to the lilting touch of the violin and the complete melody comes to life. This is the harmony crafted between the wild tea leaves and the balmy touch of the Wild Litsea.

The berried bushes of Litsea grow deep within the mountain forests of Manipur, with their lemony fruit sheltered under the tall, wild tea trees. As protective elder brothers, the trees grow big and strong, yielding leaves that release a deep, dark, bold flavour. Taste the sea of calm as the tea leaves infused with a lemony aroma unfurl in your steaming cup. You’ll hear the strains of a fresh, yet familiar tune picking up in the distance.

Each little flavour in your tea has been picked from within the deep forest. Only about 50 people know the secrets of the trees that grow amidst the mountains in the North East. So while you sip your tea, know that to get it to you, we have gone beyond the gardens, and plucked a piece of purity for you.
Tucked away on the remote mountain forests of Manipur are century old tea trees. These untouched, tall trees give us big, bold leaves that impart a flavour so unique that you can taste the potent, wilder and richer notes in your cup of tea. Wild Litsea, or the mountain pepper, grows abundantly on the slopes and is a restorative herb.
The woody notes of the Wild Black Tea come together with the lemony, spicy aroma of the Wild Litsea. Together, they reveal a rounded bouquet and is a refreshing combination.

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