Ghost Chilli Herbal LatteGhost Chilli Herbal Latte

Ghost Chilli Herbal Latte

with Lakadong Turmeric, Black Pepper and Black Cardamom

From ₹599
Ashwagandha Herbal LatteAshwagandha Herbal Latte

Ashwagandha Herbal Latte

with Lakadong Turmeric, Black Pepper and Wild Cinnamon

From ₹399
Wild Litsea Herbal TeaWild Litsea Herbal Tea

Wild Litsea Herbal Tea

with Ghost Chilli, Lakadong Turmeric, Black Pepper, Karbi Ginger and Wild Cinnamon

From ₹599
Sweet Ghost Chilli Herbal TeaSweet Ghost Chilli Herbal Tea

Sweet Ghost Chilli Herbal Tea

with Karbi Ginger, Black Cardamom and Stevia

From ₹599
Black Cardamom Herbal TeaBlack Cardamom Herbal Tea

Black Cardamom Herbal Tea

with Karbi Ginger

From ₹399
Wild Black TeaWild Black Tea

Wild Black Tea

From ₹399
Wild Green TeaWild Green Tea

Wild Green Tea

From ₹499
Wild Oolong TeaWild Oolong Tea

Wild Oolong Tea

From ₹599
Wild White TeaWild White Tea

Wild White Tea

From ₹599
Wild Smoked TeaWild Smoked Tea

Wild Smoked Tea

From ₹399

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