Blended Wild Tea

Wild Black Tea with Wild Galangal (Tea Pyramids)

₹299(37 g)

Net Quantity: 2.5g x 15 sachets

It is love at first sight. The leaves catch the feels for the sweet, rooted young soul, for it is true, that opposites attract. So when the long leaves of the tall tea trees look the grounded Galangal in the eye, destiny is written.

The story starts in the deep, dark Manipuri forests, which are home to the wantonly wild tea trees that grow with abandon. The big, bold leaves and the gentle root come together to create an infusion that's refreshing and sophisticated. Wild and untamed, the Galangal releases its naturally fennel-like aroma which mingles with the woody forest notes of the tea leaves. A blend of bold and mellow, this tea is made to leave alingering sense of satisfaction.

Each little flavour in your tea has been picked from within the deep forest. Only about 50 people know the secrets of the trees that grow amidst the mountains in the North East. So while you sip your tea, know that to get it to you, we have gone beyond the gardens, and plucked a piece of purity for you.
Tucked away on the remote mountain forests of Manipur are century old tea trees. These untouched, tall trees give us big, bold leaves that impart a flavour so unique that you can taste the potent, wilder and richer notes in your cup of tea. The sweet, aniseedy root of Galangal grows plentiful on the slopes and brings a unique wildness with it.
The dark, woody notes of the Wild Black Tea come together with the sweet, fennel like aroma of the Galangal. The dark gold brew is settling and comforting.

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