Wild Green tea with lakadong turmeric

Who isn’t in awe of the stupendous properties of Turmeric?  Over the last couple of decades this humble spice has gained in popularity across the globe and as more research pours in that support its beneficial impact on the human body, its reputation bolsters.  But did you know that there is one particular variant of turmeric that is the most potent?  Lakadong Turmeric, the splendid golden yellow coloured spice from Meghalaya, has nearly three times the curcumin content (the compound that gives turmeric its potency) than any other turmeric variant.  Interestingly, this particular variant is only found growing in Lakadong and that is how it derives its name.

The notable properties of Lakadong Turmeric

Turmeric possesses more than fifty healing actions from relieving pain to improving circulation.  It is then not surprising to know that it has been an important element in traditional healing practices in India and China through the ages.  From its use as an analgesic to relieve headaches, an antacid to soothe digestive problems, a topical paste to clear skin problems, to a decongestant to clear nasal passages, the list is varied and impressive.  It is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and helps boost immunity.  While inflammation is an important aspect of the body’s immune system response to any threat such as a virus, when it persists in the body without the presence of any foreign invader it can be dangerous. Today chronic inflammation is believed to be behind may health threats such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, and Alzheimer’s.      

Incorporating Lakadong Turmeric in our diet

Keeping all its beneficial properties in mind, it certainly is a smart choice to incorporate it in our diet.  While it has conventionally been used as a spice for cooking purposes, it can easily be included as an ingredient to make delicious beverages.  At Beyondarie, our tea artisans have experimented with different flavour profiles to create delectable wild tea blends and herbal teas that contain this potent ingredient.

A delectable cup of Wild Green Tea with Lakadong Turmeric

Wild Green tea with Lakadong Turmeric is one such flavourful blend.  The beyond organic wild green tea foraged from the forests of Northeast and Lakadong Turmeric cultivated without the use of chemical fertilisers & pesticides are 100% natural, pure, and potent ingredients.  Unlike tea which grows on plantations, wild tea is found growing naturally in the forests of Northeast untampered by human influence.  These are also Camellia sinensis variety, the same kind as plantation tea, however, in the forests they grow wild and can reach heights of even thirty feet!  As they remain unpruned, the wild tea trees have deep root systems which enables them to absorb more nutrients and minerals from the soil.  They also tend to have more complex flavour profiles as they grow in a bio-diverse eco-system and are influenced by the flora and fauna in their vicinity.  The wild tea trees certainly have a lot going on in their favour!

Wild green tea is handcrafted using indigenous techniques that help retain its flavour, nutrients, and the whole leaf.  While green tea is known to be a healthy beverage, wild green tea is even more rich in antioxidants.  Antioxidants are known to protect the body against diseases and are an important part of a healthy diet.  Green tea may boost fat burning. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why it is such a popular beverage with fitness enthusiasts.  It is also believed to boost brain functioning, aid in detox & digestion, lower cholesterol, and support heart health.

The wellness benefits associated with wild green tea are certainly many, but the most amazing thing about it is its subtle flavour.  In this particular blend, the earthy tones of wild green tea is accentuated with the earthiness and slight bitterness of Lakadong Turmeric and the wonderful peppery punch that black pepper brings to the mix.  Black pepper is an essential ingredient in all preparations that contain Lakadong Turmeric as it helps in the absorption of curcumin in the body.

You’ll be glad to know that brewing this tea requires no fuss.  The tea pyramids are super easy to use and are shaped such to allow the wild tea leaves to expand and brew properly. All you need to do is dip a tea pyramid in a cup of hot water, let it steep for three minutes and a delightful brew is ready to be sipped.  Soak in its many benefits as you relish its aroma and delicious taste!