Ice Teas To Beat The Summer Heat

Ice Teas To Beat The Summer Heat

Are you feeling bogged down by the oppressive summer heat? The muggy weather and intense heat can surely dent spirits.  It makes us crave for something refreshing to drink but even our all-weather favourite hot beverages fail to provide comfort when the temperatures are soaring this high.  No wonder then that we fall back on chilled carbonated drinks and sugar-laden beverages which taste good but are bad for health. 

Thankfully, there are some delightful ways to beat the summer heat and lift mood without messing up with our health.  Today, we’ll be sharing simple, easy to make and tasty Iced Tea recipes brewed from wild tea leaves that will surely get the smiles back on!  

First, a bit about wild teas

In the pristine forests of Northeast, wild tea trees are found growing unaided by humans.  These tea trees are of the same variety Camellia sinensis as tea grown on plantations, but in the wild these unpruned trees can grow up to thirty feet tall!  The tea leaves foraged from the wild have more complex flavour profile and are richer in antioxidants too.  That’s not surprising considering they grow in a  pollution-free, bio-diverse forest ecosystem and are able to absorb more nutrients & minerals from the rich forest soil owing to their well-developed root systems.  Moreover they are free from the harmful effects of chemical fertilisers & pesticides. 

The wild teas make an excellent beverage – aromatic, flavourful, delicious, and full of wellness benefits.

Now, to the recipes!

Three Delicious Iced Wild Teas

You could brew delectable Iced Teas with wild black tea or wild white tea or even wild green tea.

The caffeine rich Wild Black Tea is a dark and strong brew that is handcrafted from big, whole tea leaves foraged from the wild.  The foraged leaves are dried whole and bring an unmatched flavour & aroma to the brew. 

Wild White tea, handcrafted from the youngest & most tender of wild tea buds, is a delicate brew in aroma & flavour. It is great for detox and aids in digestion too.  This light and refreshing brew has a sweet finish and floral notes.

The antioxidant rich, handcrafted wild green tea, brewed from tea leaves foraged from the forests, brings the goodness of nature to your Iced Tea.  The light & subtle flavoured brew aids in detox & digestion too.

Ingredients (for 1 tall glass):

150 ml water
2 tsp loose wild tea leaves (choose from black, white, or green wild tea)
Few lemon slices
Ice cubes
Any healthy sweetener, if you wish


  1. Bring one cup or 150 ml of water to a simmer (75-80 degree Celsius) and turn off the heat
  2. In a mason jar add 2 tsp loose wild tea leaves, 2 slices of lemon, and hot water
  3. Steep the tea leaves for 4-5 minutes and then discard the tea leaves & lemon slices
  4. Take a tall glass, add ice cubes and a lemon slice. Pour the infusion into the tall glass and garnish with lemon. 
  5. You could also add any healthy sweetener if you wish or consume the unsweetened version

Did we not say the Iced Teas are super easy to make? Brew a chilled tall glass of Iced Wild Tea, sit back in a lazy chair, and slowly sip the delectable beverage.  You’ll soon forget all about the heat!